Maree Graham

Maree Graham

Leap Health Hobart

Maree graduated in Queensland, with distinction in Podiatry, and has additional qualifications in Remedial Massage & Body Therapies. Maree practices all aspects of Podiatry and is a lifelong learner. This passion for furthering her knowledge propels her to travel internationally to attend training that is not yet available within Australia. She extends this passion to educate her clients in preventative measures and in treating and rehabilitating both acute and chronic injuries.

Her aim is to give you the best quality professional care with a personally tailored treatment plan and individualised treatment solution to meet your needs. This occurs by thoroughly assessing your presenting symptoms, with a thorough History & Movement Assessment, identification of your joint or movement restrictions and/or pain, and then determining how they have occurred. Prior injuries are considered as well as the integration of your foot with your entire body, to ensure maximum efficiency of all body segments in both sport and activities of daily living.

Maree has spent a lifetime developing and refining her orthotic skills in both casted and computerised orthotics, ensuring the best patient outcomes by personally selecting and ensuring custom crafting from a manufacturer whose skill set/materials/mode of construction meets your individual needs.  Orthotics are an important part of Maree’s toolbox but they are not always required as rehabilitation of the foot in conjunction with how it works within the body will often result in success without the need for a device.

Maree’s career experience enables her to focus on children through to adults, to improve poor gait patterns that are caused by pain, deformity or injury. She also takes pride in working with some of the more difficult pathological disorders and diseases including Diabetes, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, and many others. Maree was elected by her peers to the Tasmanian Board of the Australian Podiatry Association, and to the National Board of the Australasian Podiatry Council.

When not at work or spending time with her family, (they all nosedived into the “P” section of the Uni course handbook, with a Pharmacist and a Producer on board, whilst the youngest is looking to be a Philosopher in the making!), Maree is keen to explore all the world has to offer enjoying running, bushwalking, extensive gym activities, indoor climbing, inverted abseiling, mountain biking and even the occasional skydiving.  Each 12 month period brings a new activity to try, place to see and feet to explore!