Exercise Library

Welcome to our Exercise Library. We have recorded a wide range of the most commonly used exercises by our clinicians when treating patients. You can use these as a prompt to help maintain your technique between appointments or after you have stopped active treatment. Exercise programs should be tailored to your condition, so please discuss repetitions, duration or modifications you may need to make with your treating clinician.

Happy Exercising!


LLHP001 Side Step Ups

LLHP002 Supine Pelvic Tilts

LLHP003 Good Mornings

LLHP004 Hip Adduction

LLHP005 Sitting Isometric Hip Flexion

LLHP006 Side Lying Hip Abduction

LLHP007 Clams

LLHP008 Glute Stretch

LLHP009 Glute Stretch (knee to chest)

LLHP010 Crabwalk

LLHP011 Bridge (flat feet)

LLHP012 Bridge (heels)

LLHP013 Single Leg Bridge

LLHP014 Deadlift

LLHP015 Double Leg Bridge with Leg Extension

LLHP016 Supine Straight Leg Raise

LLHP017 Prone Hip Extension

LLHP018 Standing Hip Abduction

LLHP024 Hip Thrust

LLHP027 Side Stepping



ULS001 Resistance Band Internal Rotation of Shoulder

ULS002 Resistance Band External Rot 90

ULS003 Resistance Band External Rotation of Shoulder

ULS004 Internal Rotation 90 (shoulder)

ULS005 Resisted Isometric IR

ULS006 Resisted Isometric ER

ULS007 Isometric Shoulder Adduction

ULS008 Resistance Band Shoulder Adduction

ULS009 Resistance Band Shoulder Extension

ULS010 Shoulder Shrug

ULS011 Fit Ball Arm Circles

ULS012 Scapular Retraction

ULS013 Pendulum Variations

ULS014 Wall Push Up

ULS015 Shoulder Tennis Ball Circles

ULS016 Resistance Band Wall Slides

ULS017 Shoulder Star Excursion with Band

ULS018 Isometric Internal Rotation

ULS019 Rear Delt Fly

ULS020 Supine Tricep Extension

ULS022 Band Overhead Tricep Extension

ULS023 Band Tricep Pulldown

ULS024 Wall Slide With Theraband

ULS025 Wall Press Internal Rotation

ULS026 Overhead Press

ULS027 Front Raise

ULS028 Lateral Raise

ULS029 Hammer Curl

ULS030 Bicep Curl

ULS031 Standing Chest Stretch


B003 Tandem Walking

B005 Mountain / Tree Pose

B006 Aeroplanes

B007 Single Leg Throw and Catch

B008 Cone Taps (with hands)

B009 Cone Taps (with feet)

B010 Static Balance Battery

B011 Tandem Stance with Head Turns

B012 Wall Throw and Catch

B013 Star Excursion

B014 Tandem Walking Backwards