Our services

Leap Health operates from six clinics located across greater Hobart: HobartSalamancaNew Town, Kingston, Rosny Park and Huonville. At Leap Health we offer a full range of health services. These include the following:


At Leap Health our hands-on treatment style coupled with a focus on exercise rehabi...

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Exercise Physiology

At Leap Health our hands on treatment approach means we will provide you...

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At Leap Health our dietitian service is educational and practical. We offer...

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At Leap Health we are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management of...

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Your Leap Health experience

Across our six locations of HobartSalamancaNew Town, KingstonRosny Park and Huonville, our staff have the experience and expertise to get you functioning to the best of your ability as soon as possible. At Leap Health we commit to offering you the following service:

  • Practical and hands-on treatment to get you back to full function as quickly as possible
  • Education and self management strategies minimising your reliance on us in the future
  • Professionalism from all staff who genuinely care about your health and wellbeing

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 For further information about Leap Health please see our HobartBodyTech SalamancaNew TownKingstonRosny ParkHuonvilleservicesstaffFAQblog or contact us pages.