What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy treatment undertaken in a heated pool.  Hydrotherapy, individually or in groups, incorporates assessment, diagnosis and the use of clinical reasoning skills to formulate a treatment program appropriate to the needs of each patient.

Hydrotherapy helps to regain and then enhance physical wellbeing through a series of therapeutic exercises, different from swimming or aqua-aerobics.

Hydrotherapy facilitates greater range of movement and function by using the buoyancy of water to support body weight. Exercises can be progressed safely using the resistance of the water to strengthen muscles and improve stability.

Our hydrotherapy service

At Leap Health we offer three hydrotherapy sessions per week. Using the expertise of our trained health professionals Leap Health’s hydrotherapy service is designed to assist you in getting back to function as quickly as possible.

Your session may include some of the following techniques:

  • Muscle stretching and strengthening
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Core muscle activation
  • Strategies to increase your exercise tolerance

Your hydrotherapy experience

Our friendly Leap Health staff have the experience and expertise to get you back to full function as soon as possible and are committed to providing you the following service:

  • Practical and hands-on treatment to get you back to full function as quickly as possible
  • Education and self management strategies minimising your reliance on us in the future
  • Professionalism from all staff who genuinely care about your health and wellbeing