Charani Katragadda

Charani Katragadda


Charani grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and graduated with a Bachelors in podiatry in 2018. Born in India and raised in New Zealand, her passion for podiatry began after the realisation of how essential your feet and legs are for everyday life. With our busy schedules they are often neglected until things go wrong. With this, she has chosen to take on podiatry as her career.

Charani’s interest in understanding and exploring the different ways our bodies move along with her experience motivated her to create patient-tailored treatment plans to care for the needs of each patient in all areas of podiatry.

Charani enjoys all things podiatry including nail surgeries, chronic foot pain and a keen interest in dance and this extends to working with dancers attempting pointe work. Understanding that dance has a high impact on the lower extremities, she believes that it is important for the dancer to receive an in-depth dance evaluation and dance-based treatment plan, which she began in Adelaide and through to her work as a Dance podiatrist in Christchurch.

Outside of work, Charani loves to explore the outdoors with her husband, enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking new recipes and loves to relax with a good cup of chai.