Sarai Wilkin

Sarai Wilkin


Sarai was born and raised amid the breathtaking landscapes of country Victoria. From a young age, she had an insatiable curiosity about food and its impact on our well-being, some information wasn’t founded with science which then led her to learn more within the nutrition space.

Sarai has been lucky to travel a vast amount of Australia including trips in her trusty Landcruiser and from the water sailing our divine coastline as a modern-day Vagabond. But the vibrant city of Newcastle was her home while she pursued her Nutrition and Dietetics degree. Studying nutrition brought a whole new level of excitement to her life – from unravelling the science behind a balanced diet.

During her time at University Sara collaborated with dynamic dietitians on placement in Coffs Harbour and gained new experiences on placement in Cambodia. After graduating in 2018 Sarai continued to stay up-to-date with the latest nutritional research and innovations through ongoing CPD. Her current area of interests include complex eating disorders and weight management.

Beyond the dietary guidelines, Sarai loves being in her garden, relaxing on a boat with the sun shining and wind in her hair, or exploring life through her children’s eyes – these experiences fill her heart with pure joy.