Five minutes with Brooke Hepburn

Brooke is a valued Dietitian at our Leap Health Kingston and New Town Clinics. She provides expert, personalised nutrition advice and education. A native Tasmanian, Brooke is a keen sportswoman who has represented Tasmania in the Women’s National Cricket League with Tasmanian Roar.

While Brooke enjoys providing nutrition advice to athletes and weekend warriors alike, she also has a keen interest in assisting in chronic disease and weight management.

Here we spend five minutes with Brooke so you can get to know her further.

1. In one sentence, can you explain what you do?

I provide individualised nutrition information for people who are seeking improved health, by either managing chronic conditions or meeting general nutrition goals.

2. Can you describe your typical patient?

Not exactly, that’s very hard! The range is huge, from athletes (development age through to experienced) to young children, and right through to those in their twilight years.

3. What do you love most about being a dietitian?

Getting to know people. In 45-60 minutes you really get know someone and where they have come from. Then I love being able to help them.

4. Why did you decide to become a dietitian?

I’ve always been interested in sport and how nutrition is paired with performance. I then had the desire to study the nutrition area specifically at a University level, to delve further into the consequences of nutrition for individuals.

5. What is your best tip for a weekend warrior?

Take it back to basics. Eat unprocessed foods wherever possible. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and healthy carbohydrates (e.g. cereal).

6. What is your favourite meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Brunch – can I go inbetween?! Especially in Hobart, as we have so many awesome cafes – The Picnic Basket in Taroona is one of my favourite!

7. My motto is…

You can’t out run a bad diet.

8. You wouldn’t know it but…

Only 5% of Australians are actually meeting the guidelines for vegetables. I found this staggering! I love making vegies interesting.

9. I’m inspired by…

How hard athletes work (being an Olympic year!).

10. I can’t live without…

Chocolate. There has got to be a level of indulgence in everyone’s diet!

11. Tea or coffee?

Tea, it used to be coffee though. I love Chai tea of a night.

12. If you could be a superhero for one day, what would you be?

Any super hero who can fly!

Brooke Hepburn – Dietitian

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