Five minutes with Sam Blackler

Meet our in house IT guru!

Sam Blackler has been a highly valued Leap Health team member for 10 years now. She is our Information Technology (IT) Manager, Referrer Relations Officer and more recently Off-Site Services Manager. We thought it was high time we introduced her on the blog and got to know her a little better!

What’s the thing you love most about being part of the Leap Health team?

We are like family, we support and care for one another and boy, do we love to laugh!

What’s your best tip for making technology work for you?

Patience, you need to have the capacity to accept and tolerate problems without becoming annoyed or anxious about them.

But trust me, I do fail hopelessly at times!

What is your favourite meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner?


My motto is…

I actually have two:

·         Happiness is not a goal, it’s a by-product of a life well lived – Eleanor Roosevelt

·         Be Fearless, Be Kind

You wouldn’t know it but…

My dad is from Rhodesia, my mom is from Kenya and I was born in Kwazulu Natal, which makes me a bona fide African (but surprising never went up table mountain during the 24 years I lived there). So some people may question if I am truly African haha!

I’m inspired by…

My mom, she is incredibly strong and endured so much through her life.

I can’t live without…

Sour lollies

Tea or coffee?

Definitely COFFEE !

If you could be a superhero for one day, what would you be?

Batwoman – using all that tech to fight crime, pretty awesome!


Thanks Sam! You can learn more about Sam here.