Foam rollinng What’s it all about?

We all know that regular exercise is fantastic and necessary to maintain good health, however quite often we wake up the following day experiencing some muscle tightness and soreness (commonly referred to as DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness).

This soreness is thought to be the result of microtrauma in the muscle, which leads to an inflammatory response, and over time, muscular dysfunction. This dysfunction can also be the result of overuse and poor posture such as sitting slumped at a computer or desk all day.

Foam rolling has become an increasingly popular self-management tool to combat DOMS and aid in faster recovery and pain relief. Foam rolling enables self-myofascial releases throughout the body by using the person’s own body weight and varying their position to target different areas.

Myofascial releases simply refer to releases of trigger points within each of the muscles (see our blog about trigger points). The proposed mechanism by which foam rolling decreases pain is by promoting blood flow to the areas of low blood flow, such as the musculotendinous junction (where the muscles and tendons join).

Foam rolling is an excellent and portable way to target tight and sore areas at home, the office, when travelling or at the gym. It enables individuals to better self-manage and maintain their joint and muscle health, but to also prevent small niggles from becoming a bigger problem.

Check out our Facebook page for foam rolling ideas, or make an appointment with one of our physios who can show you just how to target the areas you need. Happy rolling!

Emma Thompson – Physiotherapist – Leap Health Rosny Park