Get Walking More This Summer

5 Reasons Why You Should

Walking is probably one of the most underrated exercise options, and it costs nothing, boosts energy and improves overall health. It is a gentle, low-impact form of exercise that is easy and suitable for people of all ages and most abilities. Here are some reasons why walking is so good for you.

1. Walking is versatile

It clears the head, maintains fitness and is less likely to cause injury as other sports.

2. Strengthens your heart

Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

3. It tones the legs, bum and tum

Walking can help strengthen and tone the legs, giving definition to calves, quads, hamstrings. Climbing hills and attention to posture can lift the glutes, tone the abs and whittle the waist too.

4. Boosts vitamin D levels

Walking in the sunlight boosts the body’s vitamin D levels. This nutrient is hard to get from food and plays a big role in bone health and immunity.

5. Let’s not forget that it is just good for you

Research shows that regular walking is associated with lower blood pressure, improved mood and better cholesterol ratios.

Aristotle made the outdoors his classroom and taught while he walked. For the greatest benefit, get active outdoors and somewhere green. Let’s start moving – get up, lace up and hit the road.


Sam Blackler – Practice Manager – Leap Health New Town and Kingston

Sam has been with Leap Health for nearly four years.  She is originally from South Africa and grew up in Johannesburg. Sam enjoys walking and pilates as well as watching sport, particularly live matches.  She is the supporter who is dressed head to toe in team colours and spends most of the time up out of her seat! Sam is also severely affected by the ‘travel bug’ and always looks forward to her regular family holidays overseas!