Thinking about having a sports screening?

Winter sports season is underway but there is one important stage in an athletes preparation that is often neglected.

Sports screenings or musculoskeletal screenings involve a series of tests that are sport specific to help you prepare for big events or the season to come. Most screenings include tests that focus on posture, coordination, strength, control, patterns of movement and injury prevention methods.

Some of the many benefits of having a professional sports screening include stretching plans and advice on joints that need improved movement, control or strength. Testing also improves the connection between the athlete and their body.

Some of the most valuable times to book in for a sports screening are when you are out of competition perhaps during your off-season, before any major competitions or when beginning a new sport. The screening will also assist when beginning training with a new coach. When designing for an athletes training program, referring to the athlete’s sports screening will help to ensure an individualised exercise regime.

Benefits and results

Following your sports screening, you will be provided with a guide on how to best look after and improve your body that is sport specific.

These are some of the areas that we focus on:

  • Body maintenance; if needed is best administered by both a professional and by the athlete simultaneously
  • Athlete-specific drills and strategies that will help to both improve and rectify technique and any biomechanical flaws
  • Strength and conditioning programs that are individualised to the athlete’s body type and current strengths and weaknesses
  • Injury profiling, including past and current injuries and muscles or areas that may be prone to injury in the future



Sports screenings will provide you with information and application methods in order to help detect injury maximise performance and prevent future injuries.

Book your sports screening

Leap Health offer sports screenings and regularly carry out testing for sports such as cricket and hockey. The professionals at Leap health recommend that athletes and others about to begin a new sport see a trained physiotherapist to assess your bodies current condition. Contact us to book your sports screening today.