What will your holiday read be?

How often do you sit down and read a book these days? I mean a real book! You know, one with a front & back cover with real pages? Today we do get caught up in reading a lot online or reading eBooks or let’s face it, scrolling through Facebook or playing Candy Crush.

A good friend of mine got married a couple of weeks ago and posted on Facebook (guilty!) requesting good book ideas to read on her honeymoon. Well! That got me thinking, when on earth did I last hold a good, a really good book in my hand? Answer – over a year ago!

So, whilst I patiently waited for people to start replying to her post, I began to remember all those feelings that you get when reading a good book. Over the weekend a parent of a girl I coach admitted she was reading the Harry Potter series for the first. time. ever. Once I had composed myself (from shock she hadn’t read these before) I began to feel jealous. Jealous that I could never get that ‘I want to be a wizard too Harry’ feeling or ‘I’m totally Gryffindor’ feeling as strongly as I did when I first read these books.

There is definitely something quite magical (excuse the pun) when reading a book. You can fall into the story like your besties with the characters, you can forget that driver that cut you off in the carpark or that your kitchen is a mess. You can really disappear between the lines and allow yourself to be swept up page after page.

So! In this holiday period I am going to read. I have already picked up three books that were left on my friends honeymoon post and I am very much looking forward to opening up the book, holding it in my hand & diving headfirst into the pages.

What are you going to read?

Katrina Blaubaum – Receptionist – New Town