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Advice for a safe & injury free Christmas

    Long summer days, backyard cricket and outdoor celebrations. Australians love this time of year, calling it the ‘silly season’ for good reason! The nature of the season leads our Physiotherapists to seeing a few extra patients for musculoskeletal injuries. Maybe you take a tumble on your kids scooter, mis-judge stairs after a couple […]

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The Low FODMAP Diet

Our Dietitian Sophie Hofto has completed specialist training in the low FODMAP diet with Monash University. She will help to guide you through the process, working to  improve your health and quality of life. Find out more about the FODMAP diet, and why help from a Dietitian can be vital to your success.

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Nutrition Education for Type 2 Diabetics

Nutrition Education for Diabetes Do you have Type 2 Diabetes or know somebody that does? With the correct tools and knowledge, this chronic disease can be managed within your current lifestyle. As part of your healthcare team, our dietitian can help you with tailoring your management. Type 2 Diabetes is a progressive condition in which the […]

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