Advice for a safe & injury free Christmas



Long summer days, backyard cricket and outdoor celebrations. Australians love this time of year, calling it the ‘silly season’ for good reason!

The nature of the season leads our Physiotherapists to seeing a few extra patients for musculoskeletal injuries. Maybe you take a tumble on your kids scooter, mis-judge stairs after a couple of drinks, or decide to begin a rigorous gym routine in the new year. Below are a few tips that may help prevent a trip to our clinic!


Sitting for long periods

We can unknowingly spend a lot more time sitting than usual. Whether it’s watching the boxing day test, long distances travelled in the car or just recovering from a big Christmas lunch. Try to keep mindful of the affects of sitting on your body. It will thank you for getting up at least twice an hour, even if it’s just a quick walk or stretch. You will feel more comfortable in the long run, and reduce the chance of unexpected injury. Whilst driving, aim for a stop and hop out of the car every 1-2 hours, which will also help to stave off fatigue and keep you safer on the road.

Continue your training routine

Take advantage of a quieter gym or schedule to keep up with your training routine. If travelling, plan an active break, including long walks or beach swimming. If you do decide to take a well earned training break, make sure your return to activity is modified to avoid stress injuries. Contact one of our clinics if you would like help from a health professionals to plan a break, attend to any niggles and set some goals for 2020. This is especially important for competitive athletes, as lowering training from 4-5 x per week to once a week can quickly result in de-conditioning.

Health and safety in the house

Just like a workplace, it’s good to think of potential hazards that might be lurking in your home. When cooking, make sure children aren’t playing nearby the stove where hot items could spill. Take care with sharp knives. Clean up any spills on the floor as soon as possible. Make sure stairs are clutter free and well lit at night. A little bit of care and preparation can avoid a holiday trip to emergency.

Stress and sleep

Our sleep patterns can take a hit during this time, especially with alcohol in the mix. Balance out late nights with a few planned early nights, to make sure you have enough energy to spend time with friends and family. Getting enough sleep will also help reduce stress levels, which can be at an all time high. It pays to schedule in some alone time, even if it’s a 5 minute meditation or a quick walk. Your family and cortisol levels will thank you for it!

Don’t ignore pain

If you do happen to experience an injury, sudden onset, gradual or unexplained pain, listen to your body! It can pay to get it checked out sooner rather than later. Ignoring pain could lead to other bodily compensations, a decrease in physical activity and social participation. Contact us here if you would like to get it sorted with a Leap Health clinician!

From all the team at Leap Health, wishing you a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!