Health tips for 2017

The start of 2017 is in full swing, and whilst we’re all aware that there are things we could cut back on to feel healthier, Leap Health Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centres has put together some health tips to inspire you to feel healthier in 2017.

Often what gets forgotten when trying to feel healthier, is what we could do more of. One of the best parts is that these things are so simple, with many of them costing absolutely nothing. So why not try to integrate a few of these things into your daily routine of 2017?


More movement, more health = more happiness. Adding in slight increases of movement into your daily routine could be as simple as;

  • Taking the stairs.
  • Parking that little bit further away from work.
  • Add in more of your favourite kind of exercises to your daily workout.
  • Start an exercise program that’s tailored to you.
  • If you have a Fitbit – we suggest you get the app, not only does it hold you accountable. It also comes with a support system, encourages better food choices and makes it all seem quite manageable.

Your body is designed to move, making exercise a necessity is something your body and mental health will thank you for in the years to come.


Being kind to yourself and others, is something we could all use and do a little more of. The nicer you are, the better you’ll feel. Take a look at one of our previous blogs, our Rosny Physiotherapist Emma wrote, discussing  on why hugging is good for your health for a little bit of inspiration.

Pay attention

Pay attention to your body. It knows what it’s doing, and if you listen to it and cooperate; good health becomes the norm and not just the exception. Attention is important in all areas of life, but especially your health. Listen to the cues your body is sending and how to properly respond to them. Click here for some further insight.


Time and time again, the typical advice of drink more water is advice that should never stop being given. Our bodies are very dependant on water and drinking enough ensures that muscles are energised, our body temperatures are regulated, and we are able to flush out nasty toxins. The increase of energy and reduced fatigued are just a two of our favourite reasons why good hydration is a must. With an array of drink bottles on the market now, it’s important to get one that can track your water intake and make sure you don’t forget to drink water. Click here to see our top three, you can thank us later.


We could all use a little more colour in our lives, especially in our diets. Real food, packed with vitamins and nutrients, which aide in lowering the risk of many chronic diseases. Whether your goal is weight loss or general health, increasing your vegetable intake is imperative to overall health. Make buy vegetables fun task – visit the local markets on the weekend, we suggest the Farmgate Market, or book an appointment with one of our dietitians to see how we can incorporate more vegetables into your daily diet.

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