Healthy Eating: Spring on the Menu

Daffodil bulbs are sprouting and the sun is beginning to shine—spring has finally arrived in Tasmania, and with new season produce available, now is the perfect time for a fresh outlook on healthy eating.

In Tasmania, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to local and organic produce, so the time is ripe to get excited about what we can create on our plates over the next few months!  We are here to share some of our spring produce favourites so you can fuel your body with nutritious produce from our home soil.

Lemons – Lemons host antibacterial properties and a variety of health benefits that assist with digestion, dental and skin health (to name a few!).  They are chock-full of nourishing vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium.  Lemons can be enjoyed no matter what Tasmanian weather brings; combine with honey and hot water to rid yourself of those pesky lingering colds, or if the sun is shining, combine with still or mineral water as a substitute for sugary cordials.  The shelves of local grocers are fully stocked with these natural immune boosters, however, your desire to get your hands on lemons could be the perfect opportunity to get to know a neighbour who might have lemons in excess from their own tree!

Leafy greens – Leafy greens including kale, spinach and silverbeet are in abundance this season.  These are all low calorie, high fibre and make healthy eating easy as they can be enjoyed cooked or raw.  These superfoods are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K and iron which can assist in muscle function and development, brain function, and boost energy.  Kale, spinach and silverbeet easily grown in a suburban planter box or garden and are especially great for packing nutrients into your morning smoothie to kickstart the day.

Apples – Tasmania, aptly referred to as the ‘Apple Isle’, is home to some of the oldest, most well established organic apple growers in Australia.  Whether you enjoy your apples red or green Tasmania can deliver, with spring varieties including the family favourites: granny smith, pink lady, sundowner, red delicious and some lesser-known varieties such as the braeburn, akane and cox’s orange pippin.  Apples are beneficial for heart health and promoting gut processes and are generally a healthy eating staple.

Cheers, the Leap Health Team.

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