Unexpected reasons you need to visit a Podiatrist

Leap Health are proud to offer a Hobart Podiatrist service at the Leap Health Huonville practice. Leap offer podiatry services dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management of injuries and conditions of the foot, ankle and lower limb. Our Hobart Podiatrists specialise in caring for clients of any age that are suffering problems such as sporting injuries, structural distortion, diabetic and arthritic conditions or skin and nail issues. Podiatrists can also assist in selecting appropriate footwear, training and exercise regimes.

Three unexpected reasons you need to visit a Podiatrist:

Lower Back Pain

We all understand the strain and weight our feet absorb every day, so it is no wonder problems in the feet are felt elsewhere in the body. Typically, these problems reveal themselves in the back, hips and knees. Pronation is the term used to describe the action of the foot’s inward movement as you walk. Over-pronation, however, is where a person has a flat foot or a foot the rolls in and flattens whilst walking. To tell if you over pronate look at your feet whilst standing and identify if there is a clear arch in your foot, if not you are more susceptible to injuries and issues of over-pronation and should see your podiatrist. Over-pronation while walking or running strains the knees, pelvis and lower back.


Diabetes causes problems with nerves in the feet, disrupts circulation and causes infection. Diabetes sufferers are more likely to develop problems such as dry skin, ulcers and infections and if left untreated, may lead to amputation. Visiting a podiatrist at least once a year is a necessity for people with diabetes.


When a woman is pregnant weight gain is an accepted change, however women often disregard the pain in their feet. The two common foot problems for pregnant women are Over-pronation and Oedema. Over-pronation can be caused by weight gain. Weight gain during pregnancy alters a woman’s centre of gravity and a new stance is developed to bear the weight. Over-pronation can cause severe swelling in the arch of the foot and make walking painful. Oedema is swelling often experienced during the later stage of pregnancy and can cause aching, stiffness, headaches and pain. Both conditions can be prevented, managed and/or treated by a podiatrist.

A regular visit to a podiatrist can keep you in check and ensure you’re not experiencing issues associated with foot health. If you are looking for a Hobart Podiatrist, book an appointment today to meet with one of our friendly team.

Cheers, the Leap Health team.

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