Plantar Fasciitis, Plantar heel pain, Plantar fasciopathy

Our feet are often the most used and abused part of our bodies. On average our feet absorb up to 4 times our body weight during everyday walking and 10 times during high impact activities such as running and most sports. This is a lot of force, often its too much, and our feet might begin to get sore or achey. One particular part of the foot that take a lot of weight is the heel, which brings me to the subject of this blogs; Plantar Fasciitis, Plantar heel pain, Plantar fasciopathy.

Whatever you want to name it, chances are you or someone you know has at some stage in your lives has suffered with this condition. It can be very debilitating and impact on our ability to perform everyday activities if left completely unchecked. Often it initially presents as a sharp or general ache on the base of our heel first thing in the morning, which after a couple of steps warms up and feels okay. In the early stages of the condition this is all we notice and go about our everyday lives unchecked. Often we think that this achiness is normal or that it will go away and so we continue walking/running on our feet. However this can lead the condition to gradually worsen until the pain in the morning feels like a sharp needle pressing into the bottom of the foot and by smoko our feet are aching in general.

At this stage it is much more difficult to get rid of than in the early stages of the condition. The message here, prevention is easier than cure.

If the condition descriptions above sounds like you, than you may need a check up with your podiatrist to ensure those mild aches and pains don’t turn into something that severely impacts on your life.


Chris Maher

Chris recently joined the Leap Health Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre team as a Podiatrist. He presents regular blogs focused on the foot and ankle health and how to get the most our of your feet

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