Shoe selection for little feet

When it comes to kids’ feet and shoes it’s important to remember to think about stage not age! Podiatrist, Joe Brooks, teamed up with the guys at Tiny Footprints in Hobart to create a quick look guide at choosing the right footwear to compliment the stages in your child’s development.

The below is a reference point for when purchasing shoes, but’s its important to keep in mind any red flags so you can seek a Podiatrists advice!

When it doubt, check it out:

If your child is experiencing any pain, has feet doing two different things, is not keeping up with other kids or not meeting development milestones, then please contact one of our clinics for some advice.

Remember! Kids’ feet are meant to be flat at the very early stages, and that’s not a bad thing!

From pre-walker to pre-school and beyond:

Pre-Walker: Flexible Feet

Requires shoes that are soft and flexible, the main purpose of this shoe is to provide warmth.

Things to check:

Make sure the shoe isn’t too tight!

Toddler Stage: Taking their first steps

Require a slightly harder outer sole ready for the roughand tumble of toddlerhood!

These shoes should protect your child’s feet.

Things to check:

Make sure there’s half to a full thumb nail at the end and toes curling at the edge of the shoe!

Pre-School/Kinder/Primary School: Wear and Tear:

Kids are engaging in much more activity, and we look towards a cross trainer or robust leather shoe.